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We helps organizations in reducing the WIP, while bringing out the hidden capacity with no chaos on the floor, no bottlenecks in Operations, increased On Time Performance with increased sales due to taping the lost sales. This way we are make clients to release their hidden invested working capital, which can increase the possibilities for grabbing other opportunities.

Our Clients face no more partial shipments & no late shipments with no emergency taking place all the time. Bringing Finish goods Inventory well in control, with no fluctuation in demand and supply.

This enables the client to be open to take new business and expand. The dealers and stockiest Inventory turn gets Multiplied enabling their bottom line to double just in few months.

Challenges in the Consumer Products & Retail Industry

The consumer products industry, in the simplest term, consists of organizations that manufacture products that are used by the consumer. This includes subvertical industries such as Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Food and Beverages (F&B), Consumer Durable Goods, and tobacco. Below are specific and broad challenges faced by each:

  • Changing Consumer Demands: Today, consumer products companies need to be consumer focused. Demand has a tendency to fluctuate rapidly. For example, consumer preferences have altered greatly in recent years as demand shifts toward healthier and sustainable options. Consequently, manufacturing success is closely related to time-to-market and new product introduction (NPI) capabilities. Additionally, demand can fluctuate cyclically and with economic volatility. The success and profitability of any organization in this industry is heavily dependent on how effective these companies are at addressing the changing demands of consumers.
  • Shrinking Operating Margins: With global competition, companies are faced with the challenge of meeting global price points. This creates additional pressure, as manufacturers need to ensure the delivery of high quality products while finding innovative ways to cut costs. Companies also need to account for fluctuations in factors such as oil prices and their effect on transportation costs or petrochemicals which may be used for agrochemicals and packaging.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Pressures: The global regulatory environment is dynamic. Companies are faced with the challenges of mitigating operational risk and managing nonconformances. Creating additional pressures, as manufacturers rely on the global supplier network to battle shrinking operating margins, meeting international compliance and regulations becomes a factor.
  • Globalizing Economy: Leveraging the global supplier network is a means for reducing costs, however it does come with numerous risks in terms of compliance, product safety, and other areas. As one consequence, the 2011 U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) places considerable focus on upstream visibility. Although it will likely be years before FSMA drives significant change in U.S. food processing compliance, companies are beginning to prepare. Other subverticals, such as tobacco, are faced with globalization challenges such as counterfeited products.
  • Data Granularity and Visibility: With compliance and regulations becoming stricter, traceability functionalities are more pertinent and requisite than in the past. Consumer products companies need strong data granularity to reduce operational risk, properly respond to an adverse event with a targeted recall, provide high quality and compliant products, and avoid counterfeiting issues associated with global trade.

Integrating Consumer Products and Operational Excellence

As many executives in the consumer products industry already realize, the 5 challenges highlighted are highly interconnected. For example shrinking operating margins are dependent on the globalizing economy and increased competition. To survive in these tough times, companies need to effectively assess the priority and criticality of these challenges, developing strategies to effectively overcome them.

CGR-MINDS helps organizations to grow and multiply profits under given industry challenges. Yes we guarantee the substantial growth, within a very short period of time.

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