Identifying the Solution

We Identify type of Organization with the Identified Solution, based on the following indications:


  • Difficulty in attracting & retaining customers
  • Losing Market Share to Competitors
  • Pressure on pricing and the need to compete on price
  • Frequent consideration of downsizing due to excess capacity relative to demand
  • We do not have a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Market demand is (much) less than Capacity
  • Inability sell to all customers that could benefit from your products or services


  • Too many late or partial shipments to customers
  • Frequent emergency shipments to branches or clients
  • Excess finished goods of some products
  • Frequent periods of high demand on production
  • Excess returned goods from your channel
  • Reluctance to take on new Business


  • Reluctance to take on new business
  • Poor factory on-time performance and long lead times
  • Frequent back orders or Lost Sales
  • High WIP and/or finished goods inventory
  • High overtime
  • Lots of expediting and rescheduling
  • Wandering or stationary bottlenecks


  • Projects regularly over budget.
  • Improvement Projects not adding value
  • Research & Development take too long to be considered a competitive advantage
  • Projects regularly exceed expected Lead Time
  • Chaotic reprioritization and midnight oil-burning to meet project due dates
  • Reluctance to take on new projects
  • Takes too long to develop, launch new products


  • Not able to quantify impact of “improvements” on bottom line
  • Measurements not providing good “Early Warning” mechanism or seem in conflict with others
  • Takes too long to get together data to make decisions & can’t trust the numbers
  • Not all employees behaving in line with company Goal


  • Too much bureaucracy
  • A “keep your head down” mentality
  • Lack of initiative & “out-of-the-box” thinking
  • Reluctance to review what we do
  • Unclear vision and direction
  • “Can’t do” & “Finger pointing” attitudes
  • Defensive attitudes – questions and concerns perceived as attacks
  • Lack of clarity of roles and regular Conflicts
  • Many “improvement project” but few ever completed
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