Fiscal and Financial Services

Organizations have legal, strategic and fiscal requirements to manage and report their financial standing. Even though these processes are non-business added value for business purposes that nonetheless can hurt the organization if management ignores them.

Decisions such as the determination of whether or not non-appropriated profit is to be retained for investment or operational requirements, or instead to be distributed to shareholders, are paramount to the management of any enterprise.

Short term financial management is often termed working capital management, and relates to cash, inventory and debtors management. However, while these areas often overlap with the firm’s accounting function, we are more concerned with getting your financial requirements in shape to enable you to direct your energy toward the future of the firm.

Sales & Income Tax, VAT and sales tax recovery services can assist your company in retrieving cash it has paid out to value added taxes across the globe. This is an untapped cash resource that many companies, especially those that originate from regions where these taxes don’t apply locally, often either forget to recover or are unaware that they can recover and often don’t have the expertise needed to efficiently recover these cash outlays.

Our corporate income tax services are tailored to fit the needs of firms. Our tax professionals are able to assist in both corporate tax planning and income tax filings. Our planners will make sure your firm’s activities are organized to maximize after tax profits before a tax liability is created, and our filing preparers will make sure to minimize any amounts owing on current filings.

CGR-MINDS has provided to many clients the following unique services:

  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Financial restructuring
  • Income Tax and Service Tax solutions
  • Financial & legal Due-diligence
  • Banking fund based and non-fund based working capital requirements
  • Green field expansion with financial planning
  • Detailed project reporting
  • Financial Modeling
  • Raising capital & road shows
  • Debt/ Equity Capital restructuring
  • Insolvency turn-around
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