Golbalizing the businesses
We are making companies to business in global markets of other prominent countries. We choose our clients as they should be firm in their endeavor
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Product Entry Strategy
Helping MSME & SMEs to enter in the country of operations , as per their aspiration by launching them sustaining their operations
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Real Estate & Infrastructure
Bringing the Projects and Funding Solutions for Real Estate and Infrastructure segment. Helping PE and Owners to complete their projects in time, budget and scope, and helping investors in a holistic manner
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Best Business Consulting Practices
We bring the awarded best business consulting practices with guarantees for our client
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Hospital Solutions bringing WOW Factor
Goal of every Hospital is to have Healthier people now and in future, we help hospitals to bring the efficiency in their all operations, also implement SPARSH as a Unified solution
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Global Reach & Strategic Partnership
With a strategic partnership with Konsälidön brings the added advantage with global reach to clients.
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Effective Retail and Distribution Solutions
We not only brings the unique solutions but we also helps everyone in chain to multiply their profits...
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Unique Sales Approach
With experience that spans countries and industries, we tailor strategic sales solutions to meet client needs, helping build the partnerships and platforms.
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The Innovative Products, Solutions & Guaranteed Results

Expanding Business & Entering a Country

For companies willing to expand or enter in to a country like India or vice versa, it is very hard for companies to find Importers for less known brands, importers negotiate price to rock bottom, due to less awareness read more…

Specialized Products in Health Care

Company deals in some of the proprietary and specialized products related to AAYUSH, Medical, Sanitizing, Herbal, Food Supplements, Cosmetic, Skin Care etc.

Projects Management & Execution

Any organization whether in Infrastructure, Real Estate, Software Development, Specialized Manufacturing, Power Plant,  or in to a scenario where their line of business is either executing project(s) or managing read more…

Joint Venture, Mergers & Acquisition Solutions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and corporate restructuring are a big part of the corporate finance world. Every day, Wall Street investment bankers arrange M&A transactions, which bring separate companies together read more…

Hospital Management & Operations

We provide Hospitals streamline the processes in various departments in a holistic manner. Our clients gets benefited with the release of the hidden capacity of hospital and bringing a WOW factor in a holistic manner. read more…

Support for Sales, Sales & Marketing

Companies who are facing Difficulty in attracting & retaining customers, Losing Market Share to Competitors, having pressure on pricing and the need to compete on price, frequent consideration of downsizing due to read more…

Private Equity & Project Financing

CGR-MINDS has advised many of the buyout transactions, investments etc. We work across fund types, including debt, infrastructure, real estate and hedge funds. We also work for many of the most prominent institutional read more…

Manufacturing, Distribution & Retail

We helps organizations in reducing the WIP, while bringing out the hidden capacity with no chaos on the floor, no bottlenecks in Operations, increased On Time Performance with increased sales due to tapin read more…

How we can help



We help Companies convert their aspirations and bring jump in business performance by rapidly developing and sustaining a significant competitive edge. We have absorbed other well-known management philosophies to nurture and strengthen the core of Consulting.

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MINDS is an organization specially formed to impart Education using TOC principles, guidelines and tools to children. We have chain of Junior Minds Preschools and MINDS GLOBAL SCHOOL. MINDSEEDS our Teacher Training Institutes are preparing teachers with curriculum of 21st Century learning.

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Corporate Magic

Corporate Magic

We are dedicated to bring unconventional change in organizations, based on their aspirations, we not only provide specialized and certified corporate trainings, but also bring guaranteed results, as an outcome of these private & public seminars.

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